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Error Handling and Notifications


Error events are thrown whenever a connection can not be established due to numerous reasons.

type: 'error',
  • devices, permission, not_readable ... there's no device available (note that audio device is required)
  • session_in_use ... a session with the same access-key is currently active
  • meeting_locked ... meeting is locked, no new pasrticipants are allowed
  • abrupt_disconnect ... critical connections have dropped unexpectedly and could not get re-established automatically
  • request_too_large ... problem during Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) at the beginnging of the session
  • ice_failed ... the active peer connection dropped (no audio/video anymore).
  • ice_error ... unable to establish the peer connection to meeting server
  • session_failed ... generic reason whenever session fails unexpectedly and has not been ablo to re-connect


An issue described by name was detected.

type: 'warning',

The following warnings are sent by the Eyeson room.

  • ice_disconnected ... Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) protocol reports the users connection to be gone. You might want to show your client a "offline" warning here.
  • error:comapi ... request to ComAPI failed
  • chat_message_too_long ... chat message size is currently limited to 32 kB (incl. message headers)
  • error_NotReadableError, error_DevicesNotFoundError, error_NotFoundError are reported if automatic device mediastream allocation failes


An issue described by name has been resolved.

type: 'clear_warning',