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This library provides a convenient interface between your browser and the Eyeson API and is used at Eyeson.


EyesonJS acts as communication client for an existing meeting room.

  • Simple and powerful: All you need is an access key. The high level abstractions allow easy control of video and audio streams, chat, screen capturing, broadcasting, media integration, document presentation and hardware device handling.
  • Lightweight: Besides offering a simple interface for managing complex workflows, Eyeson has only few external dependencies. This keeps the size and potential compatibility issues small.
  • Event Driven: After creating a session, you have full control over how to respond to any events occurring during the session. With a convention based action system you can easily customize the experience for your users. Depending on your needs, events may be handled in individual interface components or managed by a state-drive approach.
  • Framework Agnostic: Using this event driven system, Eyeson is seamlessly integrated with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks like Vue, React, Angular, or Elm, with or without using additional event handling libraries like Redux or RxJS.

Visit the fundamentals section of this guide to familiarize yourself with some general concepts of the library.

The events section is a handy reference of all events the library exposes during a conference session.

Building a web UI for video conferencing can be quite challenging. To ease the process, we provide a couple of tools which might be useful to you. For example a sound meter which provides the current volume level of the microphone, a device manager, screen capture helpers and many more. Head over to utilities.

If you have a question that's not answered in the documentation or you're not sure the Eyeson services will fit your particular needs, shoot us a message or open a GitHub issue. We're happy to help.