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Overlay Image

This feature is as versatile as Background Image Feature. You can cover up unwanted areas of the video stream with transparent images.


You can only use images smaller than or equal to 1280x720 in widescreen mode or 1280x960 in fullscreen mode.


Smaller images are positioned top left of the video stream as overlay.

With these snippets the visuals of the background image example is improved.

export ACCESS_KEY=123...

curl -X POST \
-d "url=" \
-d "z-index=1" \
custom layout with overlay

Figure 1. The result may look like this.

As you can see (Figure 1) the frame of the participants are rounded and additional data is added to the video stream. You can also use the same layout with another combination (Figure 2). The first participant is moved up a rank in the spots and the overlay content is adjusted.

custom layout with overlay

Figure 2. Second custom layout and overlay design

Deleting the Overlay Image‚Äč

If you don't want the overlay image to be shown anymore, try using these snippets

curl -X DELETE "$ACCESS_KEY/layers/1"