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Introducing the Permalink API!

· 3 min read
Stefan Benicke

Finally, developers are able to create pre-defined meeting rooms, get sharable guest-links, and start the meeting whenever needed with the same permanent links!

Share a meeting link, before the meeting has even being started!

POST /permalink
HEADERS Authorization

# options[exit_url] and many more options

This will give you all the links you need.

"links": {
"gui": "",
"guest_join": ""

Host user GUI links need to be kept secret! Make sure to only share guest links!


Until now, Eyeson API was designed to only request a meeting when it is being used immediately.

A request to POST /rooms will create a meeting room that becomes instantly ready. So the link received from that request is only valid for the running meeting. If no one enters the meeting room, it will shut down soon automatically and the link becomes invalid.

Many developers have asked for a link they can share even before the meeting is started.

Enter Permalink API!

Pre-define your meeting room with the desired settings, share the guest link via WhatsApp, Email, Calender, etc. and start the meeting with your personal GUI link at the proposed time.

Prebuilt UI vs. Custom UI

The links provided are using Eyeson's prebuilt UI so you don't have to care about further steps, it will just work out-of-the-box!

Of course we've thought about you and added more functions to give you more control of the power of Permalink API.

There are API endpoints to gather permalink meeting information like the current running state, start the meeting from a permalink user token, register a guest user to a permalink meeting, and of course many more. This makes it easy to use Permalink API with your Custom UI.

Process for Custom UI:

  • Create permalink and store its user-token and guest-token
  • Meeting hosts are allowed to start the meeting at any time using the user-token
  • Guests have to wait until the meeting is running and then join using the guest-token

That's it!

We have added functions in EyesonJS, that make it even more easy to integrate.

Update and Delete

After creating a permalink, you can update its settings, if needed.

PUT /permalink/<permalink_id>
HEADERS Authorization

# options[exit_url] and many more options

Besides updating, you can also register more host users to a permalink which allows them to also start the meeting at the agreed time.

POST /permalink/<permalink_id>/users
HEADERS Authorization

# user[id]=<user id> and other options

And of course, a permalink can be deleted. Note that all links and tokens become invalid afterwards.

DELETE /permalink/<permalink_id>
HEADERS Authorization

Further information

If this catched your attention and you want to dive deeper, read the full documentation.


We'll be happy to hear from you!

If you have a question or want to share any feedback, do not hesitate to create a ticket on GitHub.