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Eyeson API

Integrate Eyeson into your own apps with our API and SDKs.


The Eyeson API is the foundation upon which all SDKs, frameworks, UI components and libraries are built.

The Eyeson API offers direct control of Eyeson CLOUD MCU instances you can even compose video content in real-time.

A good place to start is the Getting Started Guide that will lead you through the basic concept and help you start your first video call in a few simple steps.

Further control over broadcastings, recordings, presentations, screencapturing, chats, layouts, image overlays, and others are documented in details in corresponding sections in the API References

Test your integration by using the predefined Eyeson UI. Build a totally customized UI and UX by using the SDKs. Integrate Eyeson features in your own mobile and web applications. Use additional Eyeson cloud MCU features, available via the API.

Our Eyeson API allows you to build your individual video communication solutions.