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Customize the meeting video background color via API

· 2 min read
Stefan Benicke

We provide the new option background_color to let you customize the meeting video background color to your needs.

The option is only available on the meeting start request, see API room reference. It can not be changed during the meeting.

The following example shows how to use the new option with curl.

$ curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
-d "user[name]=John Doe" \
-d "options[background_color]=#121212" \

"YOUR_API_KEY" needs to be replaced with your actual API key. Read the section Create API key for more information.

The response contains the background color that is set and used in the meeting.

"access_key": "vAX29sGYPZEvZQwvg0jycrPX",
"options": {
"show_names": true,
"show_label": true,
"exit_url": "",
"recording_available": true,
"broadcast_available": true,
"layout_available": true,
"layout": "auto",
"reaction_available": true,
"suggest_guest_names": true,
"lock_available": false,
"kick_available": true,
"sfu_mode": "ptp",
"layout_users": null,
"layout_map": null,
"layout_name": null,
"voice_activation": false,
"custom_fields": {},
"widescreen": false,
"background_color": "#121212"

Color format

The background_color value must be a string in 6-value hex RGB format. It starts with the hash symbol # and is followed by 6 hex characters, 2 for each color channel red, green, and blue. So it goes from #000000 to #ffffff. Letters can be either in lowercase or uppercase.


The current default value for background_color is #121212.

In case of an invalid color format, the meeting will fall back to the default background color #121212.

Rebranding color changes

In June 2023 all Eyeson features have been rebranded and this also affects the default meeting video background. It has changed from #404040 to #121212.

If you want the previous default meeting video background color, you can simply add the new background_color option to the start meeting request in your application and set the value to #404040.

$ curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
-d "user[name]=John Doe" \
-d "options[background_color]=#404040" \

Read more about the Eyeson rebranding and relaunch in the following blog article


If you have a question or want to share any feedback do not hesitate to create a ticket on GitHub.