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· 2 min read
Stefan Benicke

We've made changes to the playbacks API that you need to be aware of!

  • play_id is generated if omitted
  • playback_update sequence has changed
  • replacement_id takes userId, not clientId
  • EyesonJS (< 1.9.0) react to playback_update if _src: 'actioncable'
  • Update EyesonJS to v1.9.0 (npm or yarn)

· 3 min read
Stefan Benicke

This change affects Custom UIs using Eyeson Javascript or one of the mobile SDKs.

When a new snapshot is created, the update event will only include a list with the latest snapshots instead of all existing snapshots of the current meeting.


The old snapshot behaviour will shut down on 11th of September.

Furthermore, there will be 2 new API endpoints for retrieving the most recent snapshot information.

· 6 min read
Stefan Benicke

Eyeson video meetings are based on the MCU+ Single-Stream Technology that provides many advantages like "everyone sees the same at the same time", it lets you create virtual rooms with its layout and layer features and much more.

But this also means, that you see yourself like all other participants see you. And unfortunately, this is not what you are used to. In other meeting tools your local video is usually shown instantly and mirrored based on the following trick: