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· 4 min read
Dugar Enkhtuya

Thanks to the implementation of Custom layout map API in Eyeson, you can now change the layout without having the need for pre-defined layouts provided by us. This has some major upsides regarding the control over the stream content.

In this tutorial we want to use the adaptive layout to arrange users around an image for a seamless presentation.

Example web app

You can instantly update the stream content during a live session using some HTML and Javascript.

This example includes

  • a local image uploading script which draws it on a canvas
  • layout calculation depending on the image size
  • sending canvas and calculated layout to show in Eyeson via AJAX requests

· 5 min read
Christoph Lipautz

Any Eyeson video conference will stay open as long as at least one participant is present, and shutdown after a short waiting time when the last user has disconnected. In case your user did miss to disconnect or is gone for some other reason, we strongly suggest to use some sort of inactivity detection and auto-shutdown in your client applications. Using the default web UI we already got you covered: Any participant will be shown a dialog if there is no action detected for a long time.

Cover image

· 5 min read
Christoph Lipautz

WebRTC provides a modern approach to enable real time communication from all major browser without the need of any plugins or extensions. Using WebRTC and the [Eyeson JavaScript library] you can build your own web interface without the need of managing connections or hardware devices. It also provides a powerful API to handle recordings, screen sharing, broadcasts, media into video injection, or group chats. This article provides an introduction on how to setup your own web based video client application and describes ways to enhance any video and audio call with additional features.

basic web GUI components